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A Guide to Getting Started with TotalVet

An overview of the TotalVet software that details adding a new herd dataset, immediate analysis and the main reports to get you started

Getting Started with TotalVet


Merging Additional Data into TotalVet  - Import Formats

Import formats to use when merging additional data into TotalVet.

  1. Mastitis events
  2. Lameness events
  3. Mobility scores
  4. Body condition scores
  5. Other treatment events

*NEW TotalVet* Merging Additional - Import Formats

Import formats to use when merging additional data into NEW TotalVet (launch October 2021)

  1. Mastitis events
  2. Lameness events
  3. Mobility scores
  4. Body condition scores
  5. Johne's results
  6. Other Health Events

Including Mastitis Data in QuarterPRO

Import format to use when merging mastitis data into the AHDB QuarterPRO CDL Converter.

  1. Mastitis events

How to Monitor Fertility Efficiency (21-day pregnancy rate) in Block Calving Herds

For herds that block calve, the Fertility Efficiency report in TotalVet can be re-organised to ensure mating start date is 'Day 1' of the first 21 days. This is a vital part of monitoring fertility in block calving herds, and allows the % of eligible cows that are PD+ every 21 days (the Fertility Efficiency or 21-day pregnancy rate) to be calculated and monitored over time. A target Fertility Efficiency for spring block calving herds is often suggested as 45% in the first 21 days (i.e. 90% served of eligible...and 50% pregnancy rate). The guide below illustrates how to line up the 21-day blocks to align with mating start date, and how to check mating start date when monitoring fertility in your block calving herds.

Fertility Efficiency in Block Calving Herds


How to Analyse Data using TotalVet - UNIFORM AGRI Software

For clients that use UNIFORM AGRI software on-farm, the following instructions allow the TotalVet user to extract data in a compatible format to allow analysis of data.

How to extract data from UNIFORM AGRI for use in TotalVet



 Please ensure that you check all options are selected using the 'Properties' button before you make the EDI-DAP file


An Update on Clinical Mastitis Analysis

The 'Mastitis Analysis' reports detail the epidemiology of clinical mastitis in the herd and in particular the role of the dry period in the origin of new clinical cases (i.e. clinical cases arising in cows <30 days in after calving). New cases arising in cows more than 30 days in milk are therefore attributed to the lactating period. We have recently reviewed the calculations that underpin the population at risk in lactation to take into account the impact of stale milking cows and bring the lactation origin risk calculations into line.

TotalVet Update Notes - Mastitis 2014


A Guide to the Use of the Benchmarking Facility in TotalVet

The 'data' options within this website refer to the benchmarking facility available as a 'bolt-on' to your server version of TotalVet. This allows farm data to be benchmarked against itself and against other herds and a variety of performance indicators monitored, for example dry period cure rates, 21-day fertility efficiency, clinical mastitis rate and many more. This guide takes the user through the generation of a benchmarking file using the TotalVet software, uploading the data to this website, and the use of this website to provide analysis.

Guide to TotalVet Benchmarking


How to Send your TotalVet Analysis File if you have a Query

The instructions below show you how to send a TotalVet analysis file from a herd dataset to the vet team if you have a query on interpretation or wish to discuss some of the data. Please do send us a covering email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explain your query and which herd it relates to and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

How to send your data if you have a query


The TotalVet Information Brochure 2016

The latest brochure detailing the TotalVet software and use in dairy herd health to download and take away

TotalVet brochure


more documents to follow soon...